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HJ6R+8C Tekit, Yucatán, Mexiko, ,
55,990,000 MXN


  • Updated On:
  • August 14, 2022
  • 14 Bedrooms
  • 14 Bathrooms
  • 2,320,000 m2 Lot
  • 6,938 m2 Area Size

The Yucatan Peninsula inspires with spectacular natural wonders such as miles of powder-white sandy beaches, turquoise blue sea, dense jungle, beautiful cenotes, and fantastic diving spots as well as lively and colorful colonial cities such as Mérida and the world-famous historical legacies of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Centuries after the downfall of the Mayan culture, Yucatan’s henequen or sisal production also achieved world fame. The robust natural fiber, which was extracted from the agave in an elaborate process, was used primarily to manufacture ship ropes, which were exported to the entire world via the port of Sisal, hence the name. With the sisal production began the glorious era of Yucatan’s haciendas, imposing country estates whose agricultural land was and is used for the cultivation of agaves, fodder, etc., and for animal husbandry.

The owners of the active hacienda for sale here have been successfully raising cattle for years. Accordingly, the agricultural areas have been optimized, for example by installing automatic irrigation systems. Income is currently also generated from beekeeping and the cultivation of various types of fruit. In addition, the Hacienda provides the complete infrastructure for poultry, horse, and fish breeding. Although these facilities are currently not in use, they are regularly maintained and ready for immediate use if needed.

Due to its spacious and magnificently developed living area with two main buildings, numerous guest houses, various beautifully landscaped recreational areas, and much more, the hacienda is also, in connection with its ideal location directly on the tourist routes Convent and Puuc, virtually predestined for tourist use.

The overall condition of the property, both the residential area and the managed areas is second to none! All buildings and facilities are meticulously constructed, laid out, and well-kept. We are not exaggerating when we say that this exceptional Hacienda is currently one of the most attractive and best-maintained properties of its kind on the market!


Nestled in a gentle hilly landscape, surrounded by shady palms and trees, the main house of the hacienda is enthroned in front of the grandiose backdrop of a deep, open cenote. The scenic conditions alone make this property unique.

The u-shaped main residence accommodates two large bedrooms, each arranged in one of the two side arms. Each bedroom has its own exclusive bathroom with a walk-in closet. Large windows with balconies allow magnificent views over the cenote and the garden. The center of the house is the living area consisting of a large central dining room with a dining table for twelve people, an elegant living room with a separate TV area, and a classy fully equipped kitchen. A separate storage room completes the space available in the main house.

Except for the kitchen, all rooms in the living and sleeping areas have access to the terrace inside the U, whose roof is supported by elegant columns. Another open terrace extends across the entire front of the house. From there you have a fantastic, unobstructed view of the front part of the property, from the garden to the stables up to the pretty, completely restored chapel “San Antonio” from 1880 whose bells are rung at least twice a day. It is used regularly for events and private services. The front terrace also gives direct access to the original bathing area with a large and deep pool, a bar, and two separate toilets.

The center of the residential area is a large lawn behind the main house, framed by numerous mature palm trees. To the left, this is bordered by an illuminated walkway with metal railings. Beyond, the property drops steeply to the aforementioned open cenote. To the right is the brand-new, fantastic pool area with its magnificently staged pool modeled on a cenote. Built-in the style of an old hacienda, the bathing or leisure house is not stingy with superlatives in terms of grace, equipment, and space. It offers a large dining room in the center, a salon, and a spacious game room, as well as separate restrooms. All rooms have high beamed ceilings and large windows, as well as air conditioning for a pleasant indoor climate. The elegant floors catch the eye positively upon entering, as do the intricately constructed natural stone walls and the beautiful, pillared arches on the exterior. The entire building is very well balanced within itself and with its surroundings. This recently completed construction project once again impressively illustrates the owners’ high-quality standards for all buildings and facilities at the Hacienda.

Also, part of the central residential area is the large guest house in the back. It offers four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. Right next door is a log cabin that is currently used for storage. Even this room is air-conditioned which allows it to be used as a further guest room without further ado. Below both buildings, directly on the edge of the sloping open cenote, runs a fantastically landscaped, large swimming pool.

A total of four additional guest houses, each with a bedroom and private bathroom, are spread across the park-like landscape in the front part of the property near the main entrance. Two of the guest houses form a common unit and are already fully equipped. These also have their own pool overlooking the garden.

Slightly to the east, not far from the actual main house, is another beautifully situated full-fledged residential building. Like the main house, it has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. In addition, it offers a fully equipped kitchen and a large living/dining room. The covered terraces on the front and back of the house offer beautiful views over the green farmland. The roofs of both terraces are supported by the same elegant columns that were used to build the interior terrace of the main house. They give the building the distinctive, attractive look of a typical hacienda of the region. A large rectangular pool, as well as a smaller Jacuzzi, invite you to swim and relax behind the house. A little further away from the house, prominently placed on a hill, is another pool that is in the process of being completed.

At this point, it should be noted that the living area is sold completely furnished. The only exceptions to this are works of art and personal possessions of the owners. All furniture is without exception in very good condition. Many pieces were custom-made for the individual rooms. All rooms in the living area are air-conditioned and, in most cases, have powerful ceiling fans. Together with the high ceilings, they provide a pleasant indoor climate.


Just as impressive as the residential area is the Hacienda’s productive farming area. This is currently divided into the following sections:

  • Cattle breeding (active)
  • Horse breeding (inactive)
  • Poultry farming (inactive)
  • Fish farming (inactive)
  • Beekeeping (active)
  • Fruit growing (active)

All production facilities are in very well-maintained condition. This applies to both the active facilities for cattle breeding and the buildings for poultry and horse breeding, etc., which are currently not in productive use.

The horse breeding facility includes seven clean horse stalls, a large training wheel, and a big arena with bleachers and restrooms. In addition, there is sufficient open space for the animals. The arena is still very popular for family celebrations and other festivities. Friends and family members gather here, marvel at the elegant animals, and cheer on the impressive performances.

With 80 hectares of permanently fenced and irrigated paddocks, including an irrigation system, and another 142 hectares of seasonal paddocks, there is sufficient pastureland for the active cattle breeding operation. Currently, the total herd is about 200 cattle. The cattle breeding equipment includes four illuminated cattle sheds with drinkers, two feed silos, and all technical equipment for raising and selling the animals.

The poultry farm, which was closed in 2020, includes a total of seventeen poultry houses (3,692 m2 / 39,740 ft2), for housing up to 30,000 chickens, as well as the complete infrastructure, such as water storage, sanitary facilities, storage rooms, an office, and a staff kitchen. The production volume of the plant until the end was 3,000 chickens per week. The plant is permanently maintained and allows immediate reactivation.

A total of seven large tanks spread across the farmland and a warehouse are available for fish farming. Somewhat secluded, in the back of the ranch, and still in operation today is also a bee farm. The cultivation of lime and avocado fruits is also actively pursued.

In addition to the actual production facilities, the ranch has all other necessary facilities and equipment to successfully maintain the production operation. These include a well-maintained perimeter wall surrounding the entire property with imposing hacienda-style entrance gates. The main entrance gate is even electrically operated. Also worth mentioning are the well-developed paths on the ranch grounds and the well-maintained access road to the main entrance. Two large bird flocks, as well as various facilities for the employees and a current 10-year water concession, plus numerous other details complete the farm area.


Please be advised that the hacienda’s sales price is 2,799,000 USD. The price in MXN is subject to exchange rate changes!

Year of construction|20th century
Year of latest renovation|constantly

Lot | 232 ha (573 acres)
Construction | 6,938 m2 (74,680 ft2)




MAIN HOUSE No. 1 (350 m2 / 3,767 ft2)

  • Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and walk-in closets
  • Elegant, fully equipped kitchen with granite countertops
  • Dining room with a twelve-seat dining table
  • Large living room with a separate TV area
  • Large front terrace
  • Large covered columned terrace
  • Storage room
  • Recreational area with large, filtered, pool, restrooms, and bar
  • Spectacular outdoor lighting (main house and garden)

MAIN HOUSE No. 2 (295 m2 / 3,175 ft2)

  • Two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Kitchen with granite countertops
  • Large, combined living and dining room
  • Large covered front terrace
  • Covered terrace at the back
  • Two large pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • Large garden with ponds

GUEST HOUSE No. 1 (210 m2 / 2,260 ft2)

  • Four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Wooden log house with clay tiles (30 m2 / 323 ft2)
  • Large community pool with great views over the open cenote

GUESTHOUSE No. 2 and 3 (107 m2 / 1,152 ft2)

  • Two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Community pool with great views over the garden

GUESTHOUSE No. 4 and 5

  • Two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms


  • Huge, beautifully landscaped garden (event area for up to 300 people) with:
    • Two artificial lakes
    • Old trees, palms, and tropical plants
    • Illuminated paths
    • Automatic irrigation system
  • Deep open cenote
  • Beautiful chapel “San Antonio” from the year 1880
  • Large central play area behind the main house No. 1 with automatic irrigation system
  • Brand new leisure area with:
    • Large pool modeled after a cenote
    • Pool house with game room, dining room, lounge, and bathrooms (310 m2 / 3,337 ft2)
    • Toilets
    • Large sunbathing lawn
  • Numerous parking facilities



  • All entrance gates with beautiful concrete arches in the typical hacienda-style (main entrance with electric gate)
  • Boundary wall along the outer borders of the whole property
  • Two large aviaries (diameter: 6 m, height: 5 m)
  • 70 lime trees
  • 80 various fruit trees
  • Staff dining area with palapa roof
  • Maya (staff) house
  • Maya guardhouse
  • Weatherproof infrastructure consisting of gravel roads for internal traffic with motorized vehicles
  • 10-year concession from the National Water Commission


  • Four cattle stalls with drinking troughs and lighting
  • Two feed silos
  • A feed mixer
  • Scale and weighing cabin
  • Warehouse
  • 80 ha (198 acres) of permanently fenced paddocks with an irrigation system
  • 142 ha (351 acres) seasonal paddocks


  • Seven horse stalls
  • Training wheel for horses
  • Arena with grandstand and toilets


  • 17 poultry houses (3,692 m2 / 39,740 ft2)
  • Capacity: 30,000 chickens total
  • Production: 3,000 chickens per week
  • Office
  • Storage room
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Water-tank
  • Staff kitchen

FISH FARMING (inactive)

  • Warehouse (40 m2 / 431 ft2)
  • Seven tilapia (freshwater fish) tanks



  • Air conditioning throughout the complete living area
  • Ceiling fans
  • Mobile phone reception
  • Connection to the public power grid
  • Transformers: 2 x 75 kVA, 3 x 25 kVA, 1 x 30 kVA
  • Two 45 m deep wells with a 10-inch dam for the paddock irrigation system
  • Pumps: 1 x 30 HP, 1 x 60 HP for irrigation of approx. 80 hectares of pastureland
  • Two wells with a windmill


The spectacular hacienda is beautifully embedded in a gentle green hilly landscape, surrounded by palm trees and trees, south-east of Mérida in the so-called “citrus belt” of Yucatan. From Mérida’s international airport it can be reached comfortably on a four-lane overland road in only one hour’s drive. A well-maintained gravel road leads to the residential area shortly after entering Tekit. If necessary, a direct access road from the 232 ha (573 acres) property of the hacienda to the main road can be set up since parts of the property are directly adjacent to it.

Mérida – Plaza Grande

Mérida, Yucatan’s prosperous capital is the nearest major city. Its moving history reaches far back into the time of the ancient Maya civilization. Numerous, magnificent colonial buildings in the historic city center still bear witness to the once great influence of the Spanish conquerors and the wealth of the city and give it a unique flair. Here you will find one of the best hospital networks in México. Medical cooperation with cities such as Houston has created an excellent healthcare system in Mérida. Some private hospitals even surpass the standards of leading industrialized nations.


In addition, Mérida offers all the amenities of a prosperous city. You can dine in fine restaurants, discover museums, theaters, and cinemas, or simply stroll along Paseo de Montejo, Mérida’s famous boulevard. In addition to that, nothing stands in the way of an extensive shopping tour. The modern malls in the north of the city, such as La Isla Cabo Norte or Galerías Mérida, will give you a warm welcome. Also, many large North American retail chains, such as Costco, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot, have at least one store in the city.

Pueblo Mágico Maní

But you don’t even have to drive that far. The picturesque towns of Maní, Oxcutzcab, and Ticul are close to the Hacienda and offer as much history as Mérida. Their fascinating fresh markets provide everything you need for daily life, especially limes, for which the southern part of the state is so famous. Throughout the region, you will find hotels, good restaurants such as the famous “El Príncipe Tutul Xiu” in Maní, historic Mayan sites, colonial churches, and further tourist attractions like the Loltún Caves.


The advantageous location of the hacienda offers ideal conditions for expanding the existing business by renting rooms and hosting large events. The place is ideal for visitors who want to explore the well-known tourist routes of Convent and Puuc or, more generally, to experience the southern part of the peninsula. Just 500 m (1,640 ft) from the main entrance of the hacienda, and thus within walking distance, there is also a spectacular cenote with crystal clear water. This is still considered an insider tip!


  • Maya Ruins of Mayapán|15 km (9.3 mi)
  • Maya Ruins of Uxmal|60 km (37 mi)
  • Mérida Int. Airport|80 km (50 mi)
  • Maya Ruins of Chichen Itza|150 km (93 mi)
  • Progreso (Golf of México)|100 km (62 mi)
  • Valladolid|200 km (124 mi)
  • Campeche City|200 km (124 mi)
  • Cancún Int. Airport|350 km (218 mi)


Thank you for your interest in our listing! If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment to view this property, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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DISCLAIMER: The information which appears with each listing is provided by the owner. Yucatan Property Scouts makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information but cannot be responsible for omissions or errors. Prices and exchange rates are subject to change.

Address: HJ6R+8C Tekit, Yucatán, Mexiko
Zip: 97680
Country: Mexico
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Property Id : 31399
Price: 55,990,000 MXN
Property Size: 6,938 m2
Property Lot Size: 2,320,000 m2
Bedrooms: 14
Bathrooms: 14
Custom ID: YPS-02-0024
Structure Type: Brick
Floors No: 1
Hood Fan
Traditional water heater
Washer/Dryer Hookup
Cell phone connection
Connected to the public power grid
Septic water system
Pets Allowed
Air conditioning
Ceiling Fans
Dish washer
Kitchen fully equipped
Kitchen Island
Washing machine
Fenced Yard
Front Porch
Guest Quarters
Horse Facilities
Off street parking
Outdoor activities
Swimming Pool
Underground Sprinklers
Hacienda Map YPS02-0024
Hacienda Map YPS02-0024


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55,990,000 MXN

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