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Born in Germany in 1973 the idea of traveling, living, and working where ever I want in our fast turning world dominated my way of thinking from an early stage. Later, this idea became one of my main values in life.

I graduated successfully in business administration and worked for many years in managerial positions in special areas within the financial sector. In 2014, after finishing a major project, I decided to see the world from a different perspective and I left Germany for a great motorcycle adventure trip from Alaska to Argentina. During my trip, I fell in love with Mexico, its landscape, as well as its culture, and its people and I, decided to stay.

People describe me as a self-motivated, organized, and open-minded professional with the ability to connect people and therefore finishing projects successfully. I offer cross-functional expertise in real estate, finance, sales and consulting.  

I love to travel, to learn more about different countries and their cultures. I admire people who take great photographs and I try to figure out how to do this on my own. And of course, not to forget, I love to ride motorcycles!

I am fluent in German and English and even my Spanish is getting better day by day.

Please contact me under:
  Cell North America   +52 (999) 381 6286
  VOIP Worldwide  +49 (30) 6293 8046

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