about 16,914,224 MXN or 1,062,702 CAD
1 USD = 19.8991 MXN|1 USD = 1.2502 CAD

YucatanSanta Clara
 Bedrooms  3  Bathrooms  3

Lot|1494 m2(16081 ft2)
Width x Length|20 m x 70 m
Construction|671 m2(7225 ft2)

 Listing BrochureYPS-02-0029



Imagine starting your morning with a long walk on a seemingly endless white sandy beach. You will enjoy the cloudless, blue sky, the cozy warmth of the sun, and the intense colors of the surroundings. In the afternoon you can enjoy a drink in a deck chair in the shade of your natural stone terrace. Your gaze wanders over the gently flowing waves of the sea and you listen to the wind in the palm trees. The evening has a very special performance in an equally special environment ready for you. On your own private beach, you indulge in the fantastic, glowing red sunset, in the front row. A spectacle that the unique nature of the Yucatan celebrates anew every evening. All of these and other clichés are satisfied by the picturesque fishing village of Santa Clara and especially by the fully furnished, top-class beach house on offer here.

The house was built on a nearly 1,500 m2 (16,146 ft2lot of land directly on the beach. With a lot width of 20 meters, the property offers a wonderfully spacious, white private sandy beach. A great contrast to this is the inland coastal hinterland with its lagoon, a paradise for nature lovers and the natural habitat of the elegant flamingos. The hinterland starts directly at the inland lot border, which means that the view both on the oceanside and inland is and remains unobstructed.

The modern, two-story house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The floor plan of the ground floor includes a large entrance hall and a spacious, open living area, consisting of a living and dining room and a high-quality, fully equipped kitchen with pantry. In addition, on the ground floor, there is the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and walk-in closet, and another full bathroom for guests. Upstairs, two spacious bedrooms, both with sea views, share a large bathroom.

All rooms in the house have high ceilings for a pleasant indoor climate. Both the living room and the entrance hall also provide a double ceiling height, which creates a particularly airy feeling of space. The entire house is also equipped with powerful air conditioning systems and ceiling fans across all areas in order for you to adjust the room temperature to the level of your comfort. Large windows with reinforced, storm-proof special glass, in combination with shapely roof windows, also ensure a bright ambiance. The equipment of the kitchen must be emphasized again at this point. In addition to accurately processed kitchen furniture with elegant fronts, it includes a complete set, including a dishwasher, high-quality stainless steel appliances from well-known manufacturers.

In the inland area of ​​the property, there is a large pool lined with fine mosaic stones, including a fountain and an outdoor shower. The location facing away from the sea minimizes the maintenance effort considerably, as the blowing in of sand particles is greatly reduced. An open garage with two parking spaces and a closed garage for one vehicle combined with a storage room complete the construction of the front exterior area. The large, beautifully landscaped garden shows a lawn as well as numerous palm trees, and tropical plants.

The heart of the outdoor activities, and the absolute highlight, is of course the ocean-side outdoor area. It includes a large natural stone terrace with an elegant arch, also made of natural stone, between which a comfortable hammock can be stretched. In addition, it includes a stylish barbecue and bar area and of course the wide sandy beach with palm trees, which is accessible via a few steps. As mentioned above, this is the perfect place to be able to admire the breathtaking sunsets of the Yucatan in the front row.

The advantageous location of the property directly on the Gulf of Mexico, in combination with the very good mobile phone reception, which in turn allows a fast internet connection, enables the property to be used as a first-class holiday home as well as a primary residence and rental property. In this property category, rental income of over USD 300 per night can be calculated during the high season.






1 bedroom
2 bathrooms
Living room
Dining room
Fully equipped kitchen
Entrance hall


1 bedroom with sea view and balcony
1 bedroom with sea view
1 bathroom


Large natural stone terrace with natural stone arch
Stylish barbecue and bar area
Garden with palm trees and tropical plants
20 meters of fine sandy beach with palm trees


Filtered pool with fountain and outdoor shower
Large garden with palm trees and tropical plants
Open garage for two vehicles
Closed garage for one vehicle
Service entrance


Air conditioning throughout the whole house
Ceiling fans
Reinforced, stormproof special glass windows
Gas boiler
Natural stone applications in the house and outside
Shapely skylights
High-quality tile floors
Walled and gated
Pool equipment
Powerful cellular reception
Electricity via CFE network


Relaxation and a maritime attitude to life are just as characteristic of the area from San Bruno up to Dzilam de Bravo as fine, white sandy beaches and extensive palm groves. Here life still pulsates in a particularly relaxed rhythm! Santa Clara is an idyllic fishing village with no huge hotels east of Telchac Puerto. The town is located on one of the most beautiful beach sections on the Yucatan Riviera on the Gulf of Mexico. The location of the property itself is on the extreme western edge of the community between the beach and the lagoon. The great location guarantees an unobstructed view of the sea and inland in the future.

The hinterland is just as spectacular as the coast itself. It is a paradise for all nature lovers. The huge brackish water lagoon with its extensive mangrove forest is home to spectacular fauna and flora. Aside from the majestic pelicans, the elegant flamingos are probably the most popular and the alligators are the rarest species to find here.

The short distances to the picturesque communities of Dzidzantún, Cansahcab, and Motul are not only appealing from a tourist point of view, but they also make the supply of all everyday goods particularly practical. Motul, especially its well-preserved city center, is now a popular destination for tourists and local day-trippers. They all enjoy the famous “Huevos Motuleños”, a delicious dish that has made the city famous far beyond the borders of the Yucatan.

The north of Merida can be easily reached in about 1 hour by car via Carretera 176, a modern four-lane highway. The prosperous capital of Yucatan offers the comfort and the interesting, lively lifestyle of a modern city. Visit the impressive historical center, dine in good restaurants, stroll down the Paseo Montejo, Mérida’s famous boulevard, enjoy the numerous museums, theaters, and cinemas, immerse yourself in the Mayan culture or simply go shopping in one of the large modern shopping malls. In addition, many large North American retail chains such as Costco, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot have at least one market here.

Definitely recommendable is an excursion to the Maya ruins in Xcambó and further along the coastal road to Progreso, which with 40,000 inhabitants is by far the largest city and cultural center on the Yucatan coast.


Dzidzantun14 km (8.7 mi)15 min
Motul Center48 km (29.8 mi)45 min
Maya Ruins of Xcambó38 km (23.6 mi)35 min
Progreso70 km (43.5 mi)60 min
Mérida Altabrisa (northern part)80 km (50 mi)65 min
Mérida Int. Airport108 km (67 mi)1:30 hrs
Maya Ruins of Chichen Itza140 km (87 mi)2:10 hrs
Cancún Int. Airport315 km (196 mi)3:40 hrs





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