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about 1,485,777 USD or 1,854,676 CAD
1 USD = 19.8549 MXN|1 CAD = 15.9057 MXN

YucatanMunicipality Telchac Pueblo
 Bedrooms  2  Bathrooms  2

Lot|43 ha (106 acres)
Construction|700 m2 (7.535 ft2)

 Listing BrochureYPS-02-0027



The Yucatan Peninsula is truly a beautiful spot. Nature is not stingy with its charms here. The lush green of the extensive forests and grassy areas spoils the eye as well as the azure blue of the fantastic Caribbean beaches and those on the Gulf of Mexico. The sun here regularly ensures a good attitude towards life and is a constant companion on all excursions to explore the countless attractions and sights all over the country. Yucatan’s fiery red sunrises and sunsets are just spectacular, every day anew.

The entire region is world-famous for the legacies of the ancient Mayan civilization, which can still be admired today as silent witnesses in the form of numerous historical sites such as Chichen Itzá or Uxmal or can be actively experienced in direct contact with the descendants of the Maya.

Centuries after the fall of the Maya culture, the henequen (sisal) production of Yucatans also achieved world fame. The robust fiber, which was obtained from the agave in a relatively complex process, was mainly used to manufacture ship ropes, which were exported all over the world via the port of Sisal. The agaves were cultivated on huge plantations that were spread over the entire peninsula. The center of each plantation was a hacienda, a mostly magnificent country residence of the plantation owners, equipped with all the rooms and machines for cultivating the land.

A relatively young and modern version of these haciendas is for sale here. It has a total of 43 ha of land, which is divided into three separate lots. At 32.3 ha, the parcel around the central building of the property is the largest, followed by a 7.7 ha parcel directly adjacent and a further 3 ha unit.

All buildings are connected to the public power grid. Two transformers regulate the voltage to the required level of the consumer. The water supply is self-sufficient via three deep wells, one of which is equipped with a 20 HP pump.

The main building of the hacienda offers four floors, of which the first floor and the second floor were built in the style of a loft. The first floor houses a large bedroom with its own bathroom and a large open living and dining area with an adjoining open kitchen. The second floor provides likewise one complete bathroom. Apart from that, the entire living and sleeping area has been combined into one large unit. One big balcony on the north side and three smaller balconies on the south side, all three with a practical and nice palapa roof, allow great views over the property. The third floor is currently used entirely as a terrace. From there, as well as from the viewpoint set up on the fourth floor, there is a fantastic overview of the entire area.

In addition to the main house, the property has another residential building for the caretaker and an approximately 135 m2 (1,435 ft2) hall that can be used for various applications. There is also a horse stable for three animals and a training roundabout. Other attractions in the outdoor area include a large terrace with a palapa roof, a pool, and a developed cenote with a spiral entry ladder. All areas are connected by concrete walkways. The entire property is framed by numerous great trees, including ceiba and almond trees, as well as palm trees and tropical plants.

The advantageous location not far from Mérida and the beaches of Telchac Puerto opens up many possible uses for this hacienda. In addition to its original function as an agricultural production company and family residence, it could also be used as an extraordinary natural boutique hotel, as a retreat for executives, as a living space for self-sufficient people and supporters of the “farm-to-table” concept, as well as a multi-generation family estate or simply as a second home. 





2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
Living-dining room (1st floor)
Open kitchen (1st floor)
Large living area (2nd floor)
Large terrace (3rd floor)
Viewing platform (4th floor)
Terrace with a palapa roof
Cenote with spiral ladder
Great Hall
3 horse stables
Training roundabout
Caretaker’s house
Concrete walkways
Mature trees, palms, and tropical plants


Air conditioning throughout the living area
Ceiling fans
Powerful cellular reception
Electricity via CFE network
2 transformers
3 deep wells (one with 20 HP pump)


The hacienda is ideally located not far from Mérida, between Motul and the beautiful beaches of Telchac Puerto and San Crisanto. The proximity to the picturesque communities of Dzemul, Telchac Pueblo, and Motul is not only attractive from a tourist point of view, but it also makes the supply of all everyday goods particularly practical thanks to short distances.

The town of Motul, only 10 km away, especially the well-preserved city center, is now a popular destination for tourists and local day-trippers. They all enjoy the famous “Huevos Motuleños”, a delicious dish that Motul has made famous far beyond the borders of the Yucatan.


The north of Merida can be easily reached by car in around 35 minutes via Carretera 176, a modern four-lane motorway that connects Mérida with Motul and Tizimín. The prosperous capital of Yucatan offers the comfort and the interesting, lively lifestyle of a modern city. Visit the impressive historic center, dine in good restaurants, stroll down the Paseo Montejo, Mérida’s famous boulevard, enjoy the numerous museums, theaters, and cinemas, immerse yourself in the Mayan culture or simply shop in one of the huge shopping malls. In addition, many large North American retail chains such as Costco, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot have at least one market here.

Relaxation and a maritime lifestyle can be found about 19 km further north on the fine, white sandy beaches and in the palm groves of Telchac Puerto and San Crisanto. Here life has a particularly relaxed rhythm! The hinterland is just as spectacular as the coast itself. It is a paradise for all nature lovers. The huge brackish water lagoon with its extensive mangrove forest is home to spectacular fauna and flora. Aside from the majestic pelicans, the elegant flamingos are probably the most popular and the alligators are the rarest species to find here. A trip to the Mayan ruins of Xcambó, only 22 km away, is definitely recommended.

Maya ruins of Xcambo

The proximity to the capital Mérida and numerous smaller idyllic villages as well as the attractive beaches of Telchac Puerto and San Crisanto make the Hacienda the ideal location for everyone who wants to live in a peaceful, rural setting with good access to the sea and a big city.


Motul Center10 km (6.2 mi)15 min
Telchac Puerto19 km (11.8 mi)19 min
Maya Ruins of Xcambó22 km (13.7 mi)25 min
Mérida Altabrisa (northern part)42 km (26 mi)35 min
Mérida Int. Airport70 km (43.5 mi)1:00 hrs
Maya Ruins of Chichen Itza127 km (80 mi)1:50 hrs
Cancún Int. Airport320 km (199 mi)3:30 hrs




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