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The times when announcing a property just in the local newspaper to sell or rent it successfully, are unfortunately long gone. Fortunately, nowadays we have far more sophisticated instruments available to advertise a property online exactly within its determined target group. Was your possible group of customers previously limited to the patch of your newspaper, you can reach them now worldwide.

Today the main question for every property owner has to be: How do I find out about all these wonderful opportunities of the modern online world and how do I use them effectively, for a minimum or even no costs?

This is where

(YPS) comes in. We are your specialized online and offline real estate marketing and sales agency. It is our pleasure to support you during your whole online and offline property sales or rental procedure until the deal is closed and you are satisfied.

After identifying the target group for your property, we use all the modern online as well as proven offline marketing and sales tools to address your potential customers.

Once the right person interested is found, we get you in touch and we support you through the upcoming steps of your transaction. Whether your client needs a bank to provide a bank trust (Fideicomiso), a specialized broker to convey a loan or he would like to work with one of our trusted lawyers and notaries, you and your client participate actively from our experience in real estate as well as from the proficiency of our network partners.

On top of that, we operate trilingual. We are fluent in Spanish, English as well as German and we work together with other bilingual partners. That gives us truly the opportunity to introduce you to the world.

And how much does it cost you to participate from our services? Nothing, until the deal is closed. There is no risk for you as a property owner. We advertise your estate and provide you with our services and only in case the deal is closed we allow us to charge an adequate commission.

So, let us be your Scout within the interesting Yucatan Property market and introduce your property to the world!


    René Jeremias  (German/English)
    Phone: +52 999 381 6286
    Email: rene.jeremias@yps.mx

    Jörg Rösener (Spanish/German/English)
    Phone: +52 999 242 7749
    Email: jorg.rosener@yps.mx